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Amy Winehouse Outfit

You may recall Amy Winehouse wearing this outfit at the 2008 BRIT awards, vaguely similar to the a certain Spice Girl wearing a signature outfit ten years earlier at the same awards ceremony, it seems that it is a venue to display a career making outfit.

Amy Winehouse Outfit

We are actually very keen on the said Amy Winehouse costume as it is a replica designed to the design that she has actually worn on stage.

We can see the Amy Winehouse outfit ideas list ever growing, it could pass for a Scottish theme outfit on St. Andrews day or Robert Burns night with the tartan in the dress, it could pass for a character at any pop star or rock star theme, beginning with A, that's always a popular one and of course just because you want to dress like Amy Winehouse!

You may even be able to get away with using this dress as something just to go out in, you could go to a nigh club and mingle no problem and you could say that this garment is bridging the divide between fancy dress and fashion.

Have any more ideas for when you could wear this out? Do you already own it and have any photos of you out and about in this very outfit? Do share.

Our pretty awesome Amy Winehouse outfit features her signature tartan and leopard print dress and a coordinating black faux-leather belt and headpiece. There is also an Amy Winehouse wig that you can add to the outfit that will really make you look like the disturbed rock star. Don't forget to add the appropriate makeup.

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