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Austin Powers Outfit

The Austin Powers character that was created by Canadian comedy genius Mike Myers in the mid 1990s is easily one of the most revered movie characters with a distinguishable outfit in the history of film. Mike Myers has claimed that the Austin powers character is based on his own father.

Austin Powers Outfit

With the Austin Powers outfit you can re-create the International man of Mystery's shenanigans and step back to the 1960s in his groove blue velveteen suit.

I once attended a friends university ball as one of his guests and for some reason I had an Austin Powers outfit in my car. When said friend saw the costume he thought it was great. Now, being an end of term ball the idea is to dress smart in a suit, tux or similar. See where this is going? I actually dared my friend to go to his annual university ball dressed in an Austin Powers costume. Not that big a deal you may think but bearing in mind that it wasn't actually fancy dress and that chances are that he's be the only one there in such a costume made the choice that much more daunting.

Eventually he bottled it and took off the blue velvet trousers, cravat and blue jacket and went dressed as boring as the rest of us were.

You can wear the Austin powers outfit at any 60s theme party, secret agents, James Bond or hippie theme party. There is also movies, movie stars, heroes and villains, things that are blue, marking team Great Britain in the Olympics, the options are endless.

The Las Vegas Beatles tribute show 'B' features a short intermission half way through the show featuring an Austin Powers tribute who wears an outfit similar to this very fancy dress costume.

The Austin powers outfit includes a replica blue jacket and coordinating trousers, lacy cravat and thick rimmed glasses.

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