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Bananaman Outfit

Way back in the early 80s, the BBC made a cartoon series of Bananaman, which was originally and still is a Dandy cartoon today. The theme tune and show featured the voices of Bill Oddie, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Graeme Garden. Parts of the character were changed for the TV series: he was now called Eric Twinge rather than Eric Wimp and had a distinctive banana-shaped hairstyle rather than punk stubble as featured in the pages of the Dandy. Eric also had a love interest in Fiona, a newsreader.

Bananaman Outfit

If you have been invited to a superhero fancy dress party or get-together that might require a heroic looking set of clothing, our Bananaman costume is a perfect solution, a perfect fancy dress option to attend as. There are loads of American superheroes but when it comes down to it who do we have? Our superheroes are few and far between, that's why Bananaman is perfect. You can be patriotic and wear an outfit from one of our own comic books or cartoons depending on which you grew up with and also, chances are that you will be totally unique, when you think superhero I bet you instantly think of Batman and Superman. If you go to a party dress in our Bananaman outfit we're willing to bet you wont have to do the awkward avoidance dodging the same people in the outfit that you have chosen all night, there wont be 6 Bananamen unlike the fools that wear a Superman.

Is someone you knowing having a food theme party?, really stand out by wearing one of our Bananaman outfits, no one will expect it!

One of the things we love about the Bananaman outfit is that it is not a tight jumpsuit like so may similar fancy dress outfits, this one features a separate muscle padded torso and trousers allowing you to go to the toilet whilst at the pub without having to totally undress.

Bananaman includes a signature blue top, matching trousers, banana shaped cape with headpiece and shoe covers, which are worn over your own shoes or boots and one set of Bananaman gloves.

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