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Boy George Outfits

Boy George is a British singer and song writer who was part of the English New Romantic movement which emerged in the early 1980s. He was the singer for the popular eighties group Culture Club.

Boy George Outfit

Boy George is a popular 1980s figure who still makes appearances today including singing some of his biggest hits at 90s themed music festivals like the eighties rewind festival. Such events may require those attending to want to dress in 80s fancy dress, the Rewind fancy dress would be such outfits as the Boy George costume. The outfit is designed and crafted to look like the Culture Club figurehead and celebrate his aura. The outfit is perfect for musical themed parties, fancy dress beginning with B or even just because you love Boy George or because you'd look good in it at the local's fancy dress night.

Boy George outfits could be worn for fancy dress fund-raising, the outfit is supplied with a soft sequin microphone so you could arrange a sing-along to Karma Chameleon and lip-sync to the lyrics while you bellow into your sparkling microphone. What a wonderful image.

Perhaps our Boy George outfit could be worn for promotional purposes, the eighties nightclub chain Reflex may have a team of Boy Georges' handing out flyers in the street before you know it.

The great thing about this fancy dress outfit is that it is easily recognisable so you will not have people asking the annoying question all night "who are you meant to be" because there is nothing worse, people will more than likely comment how good you look and know that you are indeed a young Boy George.

The Boy George outfit includes a quality designed shirt with double stitching along the seams, attached tie, hat with dreadlocks and sequinned microphone.

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