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Christmas Fancy Dress Ideas

Have you not selected a Christmas fancy dress outfit yet? You must be stuck for inspiration?, regardless of whether you are reluctantly headed to a works Christmas party in fancy dress or if you love Christmas fancy dress, use this article for inspiration, ideas and a guide.

bad santa costume

Christmas Fancy Fress Outfits

The safe bet over the Christmas season is to opt for a Santa suit or a Miss Santa costume. The great thing about these costumes is that they are readily available and can be purchased at bargain prices for budget designs all the way to high end rental quality outfits, if you can afford, it that is.

Our tip for the budget option Santa suit is the - yes you guessed it, the budget Santa suit. Cheap, simple and does the job. Made from a baggy red fleece it can be worn over clothes so there is no need to worry about keeping warm if you happen to be outside carol singing or fighting or whatever it is you actually do in a Santa suit, spreading mirth I imagine.

So you want something special do you? Just not happy with the budget Santa are you? Well congratulations to your bank for having such financial inspiration banking with them. Only jesting, it's good for morale. If your pockets are deeper than your sack take a peek at the Bad Santa costume, it's a little different in that it's Santa but he's a muscle bound drunken maniac (bear with us) It's a plush costume that is an original take on the aging tired old Coca Cola character.

For a low end Miss Santa costume try the Traditional Miss Santa costume, its an absolute bargain, you wont find a nicer costume any cheaper over the Christmas season online, it comes with a dress, cape and hat, everything you need to look all Miss Santa like and Christmassy.

Well madam, wanting to invest some of that hard earned money of a decent Miss Santa costume sounds lovely. Have a look at the Santa's Little Helper costume, it's made by the gate keeper of all sexy fancy dress that is Leg Avenue, you may have even seen some of their lines in Ann Summers. They make great stuff they really do. The costume is hardly expensive and comes in a range of sizes. In fact it might even make a good Christmas present. It even comes with the long sexy stockings.

Any festive inspiration flooding your very being yet? In the event that you find Santa suits about as exciting as the underside of a pizza do not fear, we have many more Christmas fancy dress ideas and Christmas fancy dress outfits and suggestions below.

Novelty Christmas Fancy Dress

Father Pissed-Mass Beer Costume Rudolph Red Nose Reinbeer Costume Good 'Elf Beer Costume Champagne Bottle Costume

Above, we've selected four of our favourite unusual Christmas fancy dress ideas in that they are all alcohol related. the Father Pissed-mas Christmas beer bottle costume would look great on a night out next to two buddies in the Rudolph Red Nosed Reinbeer beer bottle costume and also the Good 'Elf beer bottle costume. If it's more of a new year's eve outfit that you are looking for then click above on the Champagne bottle costume.

Our friends at Jokers Masquerade recently announced that they are going to unveil a new costume license which will be appealing to Christmas fancy dress seekers. Visit them for a more updated delve into the world of Christmas costumes.

Unusual Christmas Fancy Dress Ideas

Christmas Elf Costume Grinch Costume Buddy the Elf Costume Jovi Elf Costume

We have a few Christmas movie fancy dress costumes here with the likes of the Grinch costume and the main characters from the Will Ferrell classic Elf, in the Buddy the Elf costume and his bird, Jovi the Elf costume. This will make a great combiination for a couple to go to a party together. Above, also find a link to the most popular Leg Avenue Christmas fancy dress costume, the Christmas Elf costume, click on the image and take a look, it is a bargain for the price.

If you are still struggling to satisfy your choice of festival fancy dress you can always delve deeper into the Find The Film movie fancy dress section or peruse the collection of Little Britain fancy dress that we've found for you.

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