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Desperate Dan Outfit

Desperate Dan first appeared in children's comic the Dandy in 1937, since then he has perhaps become the character that is best known to feature within the pages of the comic. He is easily what Dennis the Menace is to the Beano. Today, there is a statue of Desperate Dan in Dundee City Centre, home of publishers D. C. Thomson & Co.

Desperate Dan Outfit

Everyone knows Desperate Dan, he's been around over 70 years, if you were to go out dressed in a Desperate Dan costume chances are that the majority of people would recognise you, except for girls of course. The mask and hat alone will give away the character and to those a little more observant, the trademark red and black will confirm suspicions, "that was Desperate Dan".

We like this costume because at some point chances are that you'll be invited to a western theme party or Cowboys and Indians if you like. Wearing this very outfit will make you stand-out, we promise. Think of all the identical looking chaps and waistcoats, same old cowboy hats, everyone will look the same, apart from you, you'll stand out and probably win if there's any kind of competition because our Desperate Dan outfit is an original costume idea.

The Desperate Dan outfit is modelled on the Dandy character and looks about as close as you can get. It is a superb representation and will provide your friends will many amusing photographs.

Desperate Dan comes with a long-sleeve cowboy shirt, neckerchief, contrasting waistcoat, Desperate Dan shoe covers worn over your own to create the look of wearing Cowboy boots and a replica mask modelled on Dan's face as feature within the pages of the Dandy.

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