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Ginger Spice Outfit

Geri Halliwell joined the Spice Girls in 1994, 2 years before their breakthrough hit Wannabe in 1996. You can measures the success of the girl group by checking their impressive record sales, reunion tour, iconic symbolism such as the Union Jack dress and their big budget movie Spice World.

Ginger Spice Outfit

If you are attending a birthday party and you feel like wearing something patriotic this is a great costume to wear. If you are looking for something to wear for an Olympic theme party this is a great costume to wear. If you need a costume beginning with G or S this is a top solution, if you need a pop star costume this is also a winner. The Ginger Spice outfit makes a fantastic costume choice because you can make it fit almost any party theme. Some people have a Eurovision fancy dress party; this would also make a good costume for the UK entry.

We honestly love this Geri Halliwell costume; it is simple to wear, is a great character and is patriotic. You can add a ginger wig and really make the outfit come to life.

80s party themes have become very popular over the last few years, chances are that it will be only a matter of time before 90s costumes become all the rage. Step back to the 1990s with the Ginger Spice costume, it will be easily recognisable and will give you attention at any party or night out.

What more is there to say about the Geri Halliwell fancy dress outfit? It is fabulous and if you are a man and sleight enough you can even get away with dressing the groom in it on a stag night. Hey, we just provide the ideas.

If you have four friends get them to dress as the other member of the Spice Girls to create a night out with the girls all in costume. You'll be the focus of any bar or pub that you go to.

The Ginger Spice outfit boasts a Union jack dress that looks just like the one that you will have seen Ginger Spice, Geri Halliwell wear on stage in various performances including during her time in the Spice Girls. The dress features a rear zipper, low neckline, sleeveless design plus vibrant British flag colours.

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