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Jedward Outfit

If you find yourself invited to a party and you really, really want to stand out, you really, really want to make an impression why not head on out wearing one of the brand new super cool Jedward outfits?

Jedward Outfit

Fans of the TV super-show X-Factor will remember the Irish chappies for their spirited attempt at winning the contest back in 1999 and also their effort at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Germany. Regardless if you were a fan or not, this outfit combination along with the wig will make you look fabulous.

One of the advantages of the Jedward costume is that it is a very simple outfit. It includes a jacket and trousers. For those that don't like putting in loads of effort it will be ideal for you.

We like the idea of wearing the Jedward outfit to a singing contest, talent night, lookalike contest or karaoke night out. Failing that you'll be sure to prove everyone with a bunch of laughs at the local if you turn up wearing this super loud suit.

The good thing about out Jedward outfit is that it can double for a suit to wear to an eccentric friends wedding, funeral of someone you don't really like and also Christmas parties for when you want to be asked to leave early since you didn't particularly want to go anyway.

We recommend wearing with a slim-fitting polo shirt and also selecting the wig and glitter microphone, both of which are available separately for a small and reasonable amount.

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