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Kylie Minogue Outfit

Here at Find the Film we are absolutely in love with the brand new Kylie Minogue outfit which has just become available. As featured in one of her best loved modern music videos, the Kylie Minogue outfit, just like in the video really makes a statement.

Kylie Minogue Outfit

We find that when it comes to musical theme costume parties that it can be a little tiresome trying to come up with something new and exciting to wear, when you get there there will probably be more than one Elvis and more than likely Union Flag dresses and Michael Jackson costumes. It's boring, everyone is doing the same old thing, which is why we love the Kylie Minogue costume, it is different, it is new and it really honestly does look great in person.

There are so many different uses that we can come up with for when to use our new dress. Not only can you use it to wear to a music theme party you could also wear it to a black and white party if people still have those, you could throw it on at Halloween as it has a little of a Halloween outfit look with the hood, don't you think? Plus when it comes to Christmas you can wrap a bit of tinsel around the bodice, buy a fairy wand and tell everyone that you are an angel, it kinda has an angelic appearance to it too.

You'll of course need to select a nice pair of shoes to offset the Kylie Minogue white outfit, some old trainers or boots just wont do, you'll need to find a sexy pair of glass heels or white sandals or peep-toes so you do not draw attention away from the robe, if you have black boots for example it may stand-out too much, we recommend what we'd call 'stripper heels' for maximum impact. Another thing we suggest if you plan to grab yourself a Kylie Minogue outfit is your choice of underwear, again go for something small and white like a plain white G-string, it will look the best, trust us.

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