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Mr T Outfit

Mr. T, born Laurence Tureaud in 1952 is best known from his stint in the TV show the A-Team and also his role in the Sylvester Stallone movie Rocky III where Mr. T plays Clubber Lang, a tough boxer who uses the catchphrase "I pity the fool". Mr. T has been synonymous with this commentary and has since trademarked the phrase.

Mr T costume

Mr. T is a popular character as people still seem to rave about the A-Team today as it is a cult show and was part of many a late seventies, early eighties childhood and was, of course good family entertainment.

The Mr. T outfit is ideal for such events as 1980s themed parties, 80s discos and birthday parties. The 80s themed nightclub chain Reflex has surely seen a few Mr. T outfits in its time.

The great thing about our Mr T costume is that everyone will know who you are, if you need to apply a little face paint to give you a darker skin tone that is very easily done with a little Snazaroo face paint, it is cheap and goes on easily with a little water and comes off without too much of a fight in the shower afterwards.

We have seen groups of men wearing the costume out for both birthday parties and for stag nights. It seems a popular idea to dress as the 1980s icon and hit the bars pitying the fools and play fighting with each other. One stag night party that we know of went to Newcastle in a minibus and proceed to go on a pub crawl with no less than 11 guys in Mr T outfits.

The Mr. T outfit comes with muscle padded top, faux-denim dungarees, sequinned necklace and Mohawk wig. Simply add some more jewellery to complete your Mr T outfit. Easy.

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