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Rocky Balboa Outfit

Rocky Balboa is perhaps Sylvester Stallone's most successful character that he has ever created. Stallone wrote and starred in the movie which was released in 1976 and had a budget of about $1 million, today the original Rocky has grossed over 200 times that and has proved to be a very successful franchise featuring several sequels, video games and replica outfits!

Rocky Balboa Outfit

We find the Rocky Balboa outfit is perfect for guys who are in good shape, if you work out hard at the gym you should want to show if off right? Why not don the Rocky Balboa costume and hit the bars and show off your body to all those women that want to see it anyway, you're just giving them an excuse to look, plus you're chances of pulling will probably increase.

Synonymous with the sport of boxing, Rocky will be an obvious character to be at movie themed parties and similar nights out, everyone will know who you are because the boxing trunks have Rocky on the back, you will not have to deal with people not knowing or guessing who you are and that should be a real fear at a fancy dress party, everyone always seems to think that you have to be someone, this won't be an issue here.

You can get some pretty awesome accessories to add to your Rocky outfit, there are official licensed Rocky shoe covers, which you wear over your own shoes and they look like boxing boots. There is also an official licensed Rocky wig, which is a copy of Rock's 1976 hair style. There is even an official licensed Rocky mask that you can add to your costume if you want it to look that much more authentic.

Perhaps best saved for warm summer nights when you can wander around with your top off, the Rocky Balboa outfit includes long black robe with back print, matching black boxing shorts, robe sash and black boxing gloves.

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