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The Advantages of UMD

What is UMD? A Universal Media Disc is an optical disc format used in conjunction with the PlayStation portable to play feature length movies and TV shows along with video games. Developed by Sony the UMD has many advantages including size, being much smaller than DVD, Blu-Ray and VHS a UMD movie is easier to carry and also lighter.

The UMD falls into regional coding just like DVD and Blu-Ray. The regions are as follows:

Region 0: Worldwide (in-flight movies, cinema etc.)
Region 1: United States, Canada, U.S. territories, Latin America
Region 2: European Union, Japan, Middle East, Egypt, South Africa, Greenland, French territories
Region 3: Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong
Region 4: Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Brazil
Region 5: Russia, Eastern Europe, Pakistan, India, the majority of Africa, North Korea, Mongolia
Region 6: Mainland China

We've found cheap UMD movies starting from £2 with some places doing 2 for £10 on major motion pictures, not quite free movies but it still proves there are some serious deals to be had. Beowulf and the Simpsons Movie for £10? You probably can't even get that deal on DVD and certainly not Blu-Ray, not anytime soon anyway.

Anyway, the reason why we love UMD isn't because of the price, the awesome thing about UMD is that it's so easily portable. If you find yourself on an aeroplane flying from London Gatwick to New York JFK and the free films in economy all suck then just pull out your PSP and remove the GTA game that permanently lives in there and put on 300, Family Guy or Platoon and that's not even the best part. Unlike the films on the plane these will be unedited. Plane movies are butchered with no swearing and the violence cut out, who wants that? Just because a small child may see a bludgeoning his eyes are hardly likely to fall from his skull are they. With your PSP and collection of super light UMDs' it's a problem solved.

Regardless of you opinion on UMD, a PSP is a useful tool to have also, there are so many free PSP downloads available and plus you can sync it up to you PS3 and add content you have downloaded from PlayStation Home and PlayStation Store.

If you have found this page seeking to add to your collection of UMD movies TV series and games or whether you simply just want to know more there is one thing you have to agree on. It is important to have a selection of media outlets available in today's world. VHS is obsolete and DVD will one day no doubt follow suit. Not everyone is an iPod person just like most people aren't UMD people but those who are know the benefits and they by far outweigh the negatives.

Our favourite shops for UMD (UK): Amazon | | Borders | Game

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