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The Merchandising of Doctor Who

The new Doctor Who returned to our screens on BBC 1 in 2005 with 28 Days Later star Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. After only one series he traded the role with replacement David Tennant who appeared in about fifty episodes between 2005 and 2009. The Dr Who theme tune is unmistakable The role of Rose was been played by former singer and ex-wife of Chris Evans plus Secret Diary of a Call Girl actress Billie Piper.

The merchandising machine behind the scenes is worth a pretty penny, just take a look at some of the items that we have found below. Maybe bear them in mind for Dr Who Christmas presents or Dr Who gift ideas because some of them are fantastic, especially the Dalek fancy dress costumes!

Dalek Alarm Clock

We found this little waker-upper exterminating sleep with an LCD display nestled snugly between the death ray and the plunger. Dr Who clock boasts three voices to wake you up including "You are an enemy of the Daleks, you must be destroyed"

This is way cooler than any other alarm clock. Clocks which beep or play the radio are so dull, what's better than giving this to a life long Dr. Who fan and witnessing the glee, or, giving this Dr Who alarm clock to someone who hates Dr Who as a goof. It's an all round winner.

The talking Dalek Alarm Clock is a must for any Doctor Who fan out there who needs a good old nudge from a Dalek clock to get out of bed.

More here

Dalek Fancy Dress Costume

These gems come in both brown and black, a Dalek costume will make an ideal addition to a sci-fi, TV, Halloween or Doctor Who Fancy Dress party.

The Dalek costumes are a kind of a pull-over or tunic garment and worn covering the body leaving your arms, face and feet able to drink, fight or dance at your friends Paul's birthday party. The base of the costume has a hoop to retain the shape and make it seem as if your hovering about.

Both are made from a double-woven hard wearing Polyester. Our preference is the brown Dr Who Dalek costume and gold one but both look pretty cool. If you can't decide get both and have battles between the two.

More here

Tardis USB Hub

Coming in a presentation box this Doctor Who Tardis USB (Time And Relative Dimension in Space) is a four port USB hub with a little flashing light on the roof.

The dimensions are 11 x 6 x 6 cm with optional sound effects. The item requires no batteries or software to install and will be so useful if you have multiple devices to plug in such as mouse, microphone web cam, card reader, lava lamp, digital photo frame, camera and no doubt a plethora of junk from Apple.

The official Doctor Who Tardis Hub is suitable for all your USB items and is an awesome Dr Who gift idea. Buy one even if you do not have a computer. You can always put it in the microwave and watch it explode.

More here

Life Size Cutout of Doctor Who

Who wouldn't want a life size cutout David Tennant? The Doctor stands at approximately six feet and one inch tall and is entirely self supporting with a cleverly hidden fold-out strut to the rear to make the Doctor stand tall.

Perhaps suitable for a decoration at a party or maybe to glue to the roof over someones bed and give them a nice/ nasty shock depending on gender and orientation when they awaken.

Items like this are great, for Red Nose Day you can charge colleagues to have their picture taken next to it and then keep the money if you're incredibly dishonest. Our friends at Party Box also have Dr. Who theme card board cut outs for Martha Jones, Daleks and Cybermen.

More here

Doctor Who Dalek Battle Through Time Board Game

Race your time travelling Tardis around the board being pursued by Dalek Caan. Be aware though as at any moment he could emerge from one of the 3D time tunnels!

The Doctor Who board game is for 2 - 4 players and would easily make a cheap Saturday night in with a few buddies. Delegate one pal to bring the food, one to bring the ale and one to drive, leaving you to get the game which will probably be the cheapest of the three. The game is good for kids also, it will keep them entertained for hours.

More here

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