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Willy Wonka Outfit

Willy Wonka is the lead character in the Roald Dahl book, the 1971 Gene Wilder movie and the 2005 Johnny Depp modern remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or the often altered title of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

Willy Wonka Outfit

Willy Wonka is a fantastic character to portray at a fancy dress party. The Willy Wonka outfit is quite defined with the long jacket, bow tie and top hat. Chances are, that if you are portraying the Gene Wilder Willy Wonka that your voice will not be as good as his, regardless, its important to learn the songs as people will love a Willy Wonka that can deliver a tune or two whether it's in key or not at the bar as they stand in line for drinks. Perhaps you could even keep some treats in your pocket. There's an ice breaker.

Willy Wonka is a fantastic solution to a 1970s fancy dress party character, musical theme party, beginning with W theme or simply because you know you'd look good in the costume. The Willy Wonka costume is designed and created to be a movie replica of the garments that were worn by the mysterious and secretive chocolate factory owner who was looking for an heir to the sugary delight that was the Oompa Loompa operated chocolate factory. What a mouthful.

Good enough to be worn in the Broadway stage show of the same name, you could wear a Willy Wonka outfit in the theatre and be confused as part of the show. You could wear the outfit to a wedding and not be completely lambasted, although we wouldn't recommend it. You could wear one of our Willy Wonka outfits and stop traffic, that's how cool they are.

The Willy Wonka outfit comes with a long purple velveteen jacket with quality hem finishing, waistcoat with shirt and attached bow tie, beige trousers and a top hat. You can be more like Wonka when you add the walking cane, (remember in the original when Gene Wilder hobbles out and falls into a roll? Good luck trying that!) and a wig, unless you are fortunate enough to already have the curls of a young Gene Wilder.

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