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How to be on TV

Have you ever had the desire to be on one of the television shows or films that you're watching? Just imagine how many people it must take to fill a set of, say, a pub. Take the Woolpack in Emmerdale as an example. A shot in the pub will require actors delivering lines, employed film and tv extras milling around in the background and ordering beer at the bar and someone has to do it, but how?

You can be on screen in many capacities. Think about how many quiz shows there are on television today you have programmes like 1 versus 100, Who Want's to be a Millionaire, Mastermind, Total Wipeout, Going for Gold, Britain's Got Talent, The Krypton Factor, Shipwrecked, Are you smarter than a 10 year old? and Count Down to name just a few past and present which are all on our screens in some capacity. To get on these shows you need to apply to a casting call and you can register to be on these shows and more at Be on Screen.

Audience tickets can be a great deal. Because TV shows are desperate to fill an audience you can usually get tickets to your favourite shows for free. At the time of writing A Question of Sport, the Culture Show and Trisha Goddard are all offering free tickets to their show recordings and it's fantastic when you think about it because you're getting a free night out and you may even get your face on TV. Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway is a great example. Have you seen how big there audience is? they need to fill it every single week with no spaces or it would look bad on screen. Audience show tickets need to be snapped up quickly to appease TV producers. Some experiences even include free refreshments, at a recording of an episode of the ITV Frank Skinner show that this writer attended I was treated to two free drinks from the bar and this was also for every person who attended.

Applying for free TV tickets is easy, simply visit our friends at Be on Screen and register to recieve information of up coming studio audience tickets you would like to see recorded live or choose from the TV show audience tickets that are currently available. Free audience tickets are readily available, if you consider how many television channels there are currently in the UK and how many of them broadcast shows with a live TV audience tickets are actually more freely available than you may think.

Some reality TV may truly be awful but it certainly can be a quick route to fame and fortune. If you find yourself asking how do I get on a reality show? then look no further. Credit Crunch Weddings, How Extreme Are You?, Calling Britney's Biggest Fans, Big Brother, Beauty product and fashion fans - there is a show for everyone if you really are desperate enough to want it.

How about acting? The TV show Extras starring Ricky Jervais documents the tribulations of Andy who legitmately makes a living from being an extra in the background of films and tv programmes. You can too, you don't need any acting experience or training. If you're director asks "pretend you're drinking and talking to this person" all you need to do is pretend you're drinking and talking to this person while the magic of the cameras go on around you. It's as simple as that.

There are a number of film extras wanted on a daily basis around the UK. One film extra london based recently hired through Be on Screen recieved a free trip to a filming location and spent several hours on set and was paid a monetary amount for their time. Speaking roles or any kind of reaction shot both pay significantly more. Film extras jobs are readily available, you just need to know where to look. Be on Screen offers a directory of all film tv extras uk based needed to feature in productions.

Be on Screen - your ticket to appearing on television shows

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