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Harry Hill Costume

Harry Hill costume
Harry Hill costume mask Harry Hill costume belt
Harry Hill logo

Harry Hill Fancy Dress Costume

The Harry Hill costume includes jacket, trousers, shirt, bald head and glasses.
More on this costume (UK) More on this costume (USA)

This superb Harry Hill costume features a replica black single breasted suit jacket with button fastening down the front of the jacket, printed series of pens in the top pocket just like Harry's actual jacket and professionally finished hemlines so the garment will be long lasting. No single use then falling apart rubbish here, the jacket has quality finishing.

Also included we have a matching pair of soft polyester trousers with straight-cut leg and elasticised waistline so they will fit a rand of waist sizes, yet still be comfortable fitting and provide the ultimate goal, look like an authentic Harry Hill fancy dress costume.

We also have a shirt front that will provide the trademark look with the high collar. This is worn under the jacket and gives the Harry Hill costume the look that everyone will recognise that you meet.

Finishing touches are a pair of black framed Harry Hill glasses and a soft latex rubber bald cap that will very simply fit on your head and hide your hair providing you with the required bald headed look. You can get away with short to medium length hair and still make the Harry Hill fancy dress costume work. If you have long hair you will need to add a wig cap sold separately to help hold your locks down.

The famed comedian finally has a Harry Hill fancy dress costume. About time too we say.

A little about Harry Hill:
Harry Hill is a former medical doctor who has turned his hand to stand-up comedy since the early ninties. In regard to his trademark Harry Hill costume he is quoted as saying "I prefer the 1960s cut, narrow lapels and three buttons. I only wear the Harry Hill suit when I"m being Harry. It"s like a uniform."

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