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IT the Clown Costume

IT the Clown costume
IT the Clown costume mask IT the Clown costume pom-poms
IT the Clown logo

IT the Clown Fancy Dress Costume

The IT the Clown costume includes one-piece clown suit and face mask.
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Perhaps the most menacing looking clown ever, Stephen King's Pennywise the Clown costume features a one-piece clown suit replica of the outfit as featured in the TV movie IT. Based on the novel of the same name.

Each of the IT Clown costumes boasts an orange jumpsuit with attached frilly collar, contrasting suede waistcoat, purple and green stripy sleeves and fluffy pom-poms down the front. Access the the Pennywise Clown costume is through velcro neatly hidden down the back. It will allow you to climb inside and then fasten behind easily.

The face mask features generous eye holes and a gap my your mouth, this is to ensure that vision and ventilation will not be impeded. The mask itself is really well put-together, the holes are not too big that it will instantly give away your identity, which is ideal if you do not want anyone to know who you are. The mask boasts hand painted detailing and shows as many intricate nuances as the characters make-up does.

If you don't fancy wearing the mask supplied with the IT the Clown fancy dress costume you can always opt for painting your face. Available separately are modestly priced water based face paints by Snazaroo, that will enable you to re-create the look relatively easily.

A little about IT the Clown:
Pennywise the Dancing Clown as he is refered to in Stephen King's IT novel is said to resemble a combination of Bozo the clown, Clarabelle the clown and the MacDonalds mascot Ronald McDonald. In the 1990 movie the IT the clown character is portrayed by the excellent Tim Curry.

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