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Po Costume

Po costume

Po Fancy Dress Costume

The Po costume includes headpiece, bodysuit and shoe covers.
More on this costume (UK) More on this costume (USA)

This fabulous Po costume is a superb re-creation of the famed children's television character as featured on the British TV show the Teletubbies.

The Teletubbies Po costume comes complete with a large red bodysuit that has a wonderful soft fleecy feel to the fabric, Velcro down the back of the costume to enable easy access in an out of the garment plus a large contrasting grey patch on the tummy just like your favourite Teletubby.

The Po fancy dress costume also comes with a coordinating red headpiece with stitched ears on the side of the head, hooped antenna on top of the head just like the Teletubbies character and an open face so you can talk, eat, sing and be recognised even though you are fully submerged in your Po costume.

The finishing touch and completing the Po fancy dress costume are the soft red shoe covers, which are worn over your regular footwear and held in place using a tight elasticised strap. This provides the Po costume the look of Po's feet even though you have your shoes on beneath.

A little about Po:
Po is the smallest and youngest of the Teletubbies, is red, and has an antenna shaped like a stick used for blowing soap bubbles. Her favourite object is her scooter, which she calls "scoota" (she also calls it "Po cooter!", or just "cooter"). Po can sometimes be mischievous and naughty, as when she disobeys the commands of the "voice trumpets".

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