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Red Dwarf Rimmer Costume

Red Dwarf Rimmer costume

Red Dwarf Rimmer Fancy Dress Costume

Red Dwarf Rimmer costume includes shirt, trousers and tie.
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Our superb new Red Dwarf Rimmer costume comes complete with a beige coloured shirt with double breast pockets, front button closure, collar and epaulettes. The shirt features embroidered badges for the Jupiter Mining Corporation, name badges and Red Dwarf patches on the shoulder. The garment is completely hem finished and has a pristine fitted look, Rimmer would approve.

The Rimmer costume also comes with a pair of matching beige colour cargo trousers with pockets with button fastening on each leg, they benefit from an elasticised waistband to fit a range of waistlines very comfortably. The trousers boast quality hem finishing and will last far longer than any tenure on duty aboard the Red Dwarf mining ship.

The fantastic Red Dwarf Rimmer fancy dress costume is a must for any diehard fan of the hit BBC television show and is completed with the coordinating beige coloured tie. It also features an embroidered Jupiter Mining Corporation logo on the tie. Our Red Dwarf Rimmer costume is a replica of the costume from series 1 of the show. It has been repicated from actual designs of Rimmer's clothing from that series.

A little about Rimmer:
Arnold Rimmer is portrayed by Chris Barrie and is a Technician on Red Dwarf. The Red Dwarf Rimmer costume is easily recognisable due to the H on Rimmer's forehead which, represents that he is a computer generated hologram. Rimmer's full name is Arnold Judas Rimmer.

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