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Silent Hill Nurse Costume

Silent Hill Nurse costume
Silent Hill Nurse hat Silent Hill Nurse dress
Silent Hill logo

Silent Hill Nurse Fancy Dress Costume

Silent Hill Nurse costume includes dress, mask and glovess.
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You won't need to know how to make a Silent Hill nurse costume because we have everything that you need right here. Take a look at this excellent replica costume; it includes a one-piece sleeveless zip-front nurse's dress saturated in blood with exposed ribs. The dress itself is not too short, it looks good and it fits well. The garment has a professionally double stitched dagged hemline and is crafted from polyester.

The nurse Silent Hill costume also features a blood stained surgical face mask that hooks over your ears and is held in place nicely while you lurch about trying to cave in Harry Mason's head with an old metal bar.

Finally, completing the Silent Hill fancy dress outfit we have a white blood soaked nurse's hat.

Available in two sizes this outfit looks superb in person.

A little about Silent Hill Nurse:
We find that the Silent Hill Nurse costumes are most reminiscent of those as featured in Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Revelation. The Nurses recur throughout the entire Silent Hill series of video games. The nurse is a deadly monster that can be found at either Alchemilla Hospital or Brookhaven Hospital.

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