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Slimer Costume

Slimer costume
Slimer costume face Slimer costume gloves
Ghostbusters logo

Slimer Fancy Dress Costume

Slimer costume includes one-piece pullover and gloves.
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It's about time a Slimer costume was in production and available to the UK market, finally, here it is. The Ghostbusters Slimer costume includes a one-piece ectplasm green coloured top, which features face and tail and looks just like the character from the movies. You pull the top on like a jumper, from the bottom of the garment. There are generous eye holes in the mouth, which is slightly open, so vision will not be an issue and you will be able to drink and eat without issue. This makes a great replacement for a mask, you'll actually be able to see where you are going without fear of falling or tripping. The base of the costume will allow you to wear your own trousers and movement will not be impeded so you can walk and dance with ease. This costume is the definition of minimum effort, maximum effect. It is easy to throw on and will look great.

The Slimer fancy dress costume also comes with a coordinating pair of green gloves. They are crafted from the same material as the top and the same colour so they blend in well.

Roam the party not having to worry about explaining who you are as everyone knows Slimer, plus, it will give your mates an opportunity to wear the more expensive Ghost busting costumes in the range, we think that's a real perk of the Slimer costume ghostbusters are more pricey! baggsy this one and you will get off spending less money than them.

A little about Slimer:
In the first Ghostbusters movie, Slimer was voiced by director Ivan Reitman, while Frank Welker voiced Slimer in The Ghostbusters cartoon. In the 1989 sequel Ghostbusters II, Ivan Reitman again provided the voice of Slimer however little was actually used in the final cut of the picture. Later in the cartoon Extreme Ghostbusters, Slimer's voice was provided by Futurama's fry, former Howard Stern cast member Billy West.

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