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Austin Powers Costume

austin powers costume

Austin Powers Goldmember Fancy Dress Costume

The Austin Powers Goldmember costume includes top.
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The Austin pimp shirt comes in a one-piece pink and blue satin design with large collar and blossom sleeves with adjustable cuffs. The blue body of the garment is used to create the look of wearing a waistcoat and is crafted from gorgeous blue twill and features turquoise coloured buttons plus belt front with metal buckle.

As featured in the 2002 film Goldmember, this official movie line is a different and original take on the Austin Powers character. Also used as a generic pimp costume, this line is one of the more scarcely available licensed costumes from the franchise.

Austin Powers accessories available separately.

Planning to go to a party as a couple, why not go as Austin Powers Goldmember and Foxxy or Felicity, everyone will know you are a couple.

Looking for a pimp instead of austin powers fancy dress? Try the link below for a range of disco and seventies costumes.

A little about Austin Powers:
Sir Austin 'Danger' Powers, KBE, is best known for his blue crushed velvet suits. In Goldmember he traded it in for a pimp suit costume which is seen above. Born on November 12 1939, Austin Powers is the finest Spy there is for the Ministry of Defence. He is groovy, handsome and irresistible to most women.

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