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Bananaman Costume

Bananaman costume

Bananaman Fancy Dress Costume

The Bananaman costume includes trousers, muscle padded top, gloves, boot covers and cape with headpiece.
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The adult Bananaman costume comprises of his trademark blue top with rippling foam padded muscles.

This Banana Man costume is an exact replica of Little Eric's alter ego and features one pair of matching blue trousers with straight-cut leg and elasticised waistline.

The yellow flowing cape and headpiece add to Bananaman fancy dress costume design and look and really work well together exceptionally.

Finishing touches for our favourite superhero outfit is the Banana Man fancy dress costume gloves and shoe covers. The gloves are a comfortable fit as are the shoe covers which are worn over your every-day shoes to create the look of wearing Bananaman's boots with Banana peel effect.

A little about Bananaman:
when Bananaman needs extra power, he eats a Banana for a strength boost usually provided by his faithful pet crow. Bananaman was a character from the Nutty comic and later the Dandy The Bananaman costume is based on that of Marvelman.

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Bananaman © The Dandy and Bananaman ® © D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd., 2007

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