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Deluxe Arwen Costume

grey elven costume

Deluxe Arwen Fancy Dress Costume

The Arwen costume includes deluxe gown.
More on this costume (UK) More on this costume (USA)

This deluxe Lord Of The Rings costume includes a fabulous gown made from a regal blue velvet boasting contrasting orange russet hanging sleeves, intricate gold braiding and a lacy neckline.

The gown is very complimentary to your figure and you will appear very slender, the skirt is also flowing and looks superb.

This costume really is suitable for a queen and the quality can be seen throughout just by looking at it.

Take a look at the Lord Of The Rings accessories, namely the Evenstar Necklace, which is a bargain and adds a little authenticity to the outfit.

Costume can be worn with other Lord Of The Rings fancy dress to create a couples fancy dress combination.

A little about Arwen:
Arwen Evenstar is the he daughter of Elrond. Arwen chooses to stay behind as the elves retreat into the west.

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More on this costume at Amazon (USA)

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