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Harry Potter Costume Dementor

harry potter costume

Dementor Fancy Dress Costume

The Harry Potter costume includes robe and mask.
More on this costume (UK) More on this costume (USA)

The adult Dementor costume as featured in the Harry Potter movie The Prisoner of Azkaban includes a long black hooded robe with hanging shreds of fabric falling from the sleeves, and chest piece with padded ribs.

Dementor costume also includes a replica of black character mask.

The Dementor costumes will look great with a pair of black gloves sold separately.

A little about Dementor:
According to Remus Lupin, Dementors are among the foulest creatures that walk this earth. The average height of a Dementor is 3 meters. Because of their immortality, very few methods exist to repel a Dementor; one way to shield oneself from Dementors is to use the Patronus Charm to drive them away.

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