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Dr Evil Costume

dr evil costume

Dr Evil Fancy Dress Costume

The Dr Evil costume includes jacket, matching trousers and bald head.
More on this costume (UK) More on this costume (USA)

The Doctors jacket comes in an evil tone of grey made from a soft, yet also evil Polyester with short collar and features soft and comfortable shoulder pads, which fill the jacket out. There is also a white fleece under-collar lining, just like the Dr Evil costume as featured in the movies. The top is crafted to a beautiful design and boasts a quality hem finish throughout the garment.

The Dr Evil fancy dress costume also includes a pair of matching grey Polyester trousers with an elasticised waistline, for a nice comfortable fit and boasts more quality hem finishing throughout. The entire suit really is superb and is an excellent example of a minimum effort maximum effect costume. It is simple to wear yet looks great.

The latex bald cap is surprisingly comfortable and is easily worn over any short to medium hair length and creates the look of having a genuine bald head, just like Dr Evil. If you have long hair you may wish to purchase a wig cap sold separately.

Two of you going out? Why not get one Austin and one Dr Evil costume and have battles in the pub.

A little about Dr Evil:
Real name Douglas Powers, Douglas is Austin's evil brother. He is the father of the not very evil Scott and can usually be seen with his evil pet Mr. Bigglesworth by his side. Dr. Evil has an evil clone named Mini Me, the only difference is that Mini Me is only just slightly smaller in height.

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