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Jeremy Clarkson Face Mask

jeremy clarkson mask

Jeremy Clarkson Mask

Jeremy Clarkson mask made from sturdy cardboard.
More on this mask (UK) More on this mask (USA)

This Jeremy Clarkson mask is perfect for someone who loves Top Gear and is incredibly lazy when it comes to fancy dress. All you need to wear to add to the mask is a shirt, jacket and pair of jeans to create a Jeremy Clarkson costume. It's a great option if you are on a budget also as the Jeremy Clarkson mask is startlingly cheap.

Our Jeremy Clarkson face mask is held in place with an elastic strap and is crafted from sturdy cardboard and has a high quality screen printed gloss finish.

A little about Top Gear:
Jeremy Clarkson presented the original Top Gear from 1988 until 2000 and the new format of the show from 2002 onward. Clarkson has been in trouble after joking that lorry drivers murder prostitutes in an episode of Top Gear and also had to pay a £250 in compensation to parish council, after he damaged a 30 year old horse-chestnut tree by driving into it as a test to see the strength of the Toyota Hilux he was driving.

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More on this mask at Amazon (USA)


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