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Richard Hammond Face Mask

Richard Hammond mask

Richard Hammond Mask

Richard Hammond mask made from sturdy cardboard.
More on this mask (UK) More on this mask (USA)

This Richard Hammond mask is perfect for a Top Gear fan or someone who is a little lazy toward fancy dress or even reluctant to dress up. All you need to wear to add to your Richard Hammond mask is a smart shirt, perhaps a jacket and pair of jeans, the classic Top Gear look. It's a great option if you are on a budget also as the Richard Hammond mask is startlingly cheap.

Our Richard Hammond face mask is held in place with a reiable elastic strap and is crafted from sturdy cardboard and has a high quality screen printed gloss finish.

A little about Top Gear:
Richard Hammond has been a presenter of the new format Top Gear since 2002. He has been given the nickname 'Hamster' and is usually ridiculed for supposedly having his teeth whitened and as such is a running joke on the joke. Commenting after his crash during a segment being filmed for the show which put him in hospital Hammond shared "The only difference between me now, and before the crash, is that I like celery now and I didn't before".

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