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Jigsaw Mask

saw mask

Jigsaw Fancy Dress Mask

The Saw Jigsaw puppet mask is a one-piece Halloween item.
More on this costume (UK) More on this costume (USA)

Made from PVC, the Saw movie mask benefits from realistic hair and can easily be worn with a black suit to create an awesome cheap Halloween costume.

Saw mask is one size fits most.

A replica of the Jigsaw Halloween mask as seen in the Saw horror movie franchise, this face mask is an officially licensed Lionsgate film product.

Saw Halloween masks have only been available in the UK for a couple of years but have so far been one of the Halloween seasons biggest sellers.

A little about Saw:
On March 14, 2009 Saw: The Ride opened at Thorpe Park and featured a 99 foot drop, a max speed of 55 miles per hour and a 4.7 G force.

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SAW © 2004 Lions Gate Films Inc and Twisted Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

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