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Saw Jigsaw Costume

jigsaw costume

Saw Jigsaw Fancy Dress Costume

The Saw Jigsaw puppet costume includes jacket, dickie, mask and gloves.
More on this costume (UK) More on this costume (USA)

This Saw costume features a black long sleeve single-breasted suit jacket with front fastening buttons, non-functioning top pocket with bright red handkerchief and professional quality hem finishing.

Saw Halloween costume also features a dickie which is worn beneath the jacket and held in place like a short front and creates the look of a shirt with a bow-tie and waistcoat.

The Jigsaw mask is a replica from the Saw movie franchise and features a hand painted design and realistic hair which really adds to the realism and authenticity of this Saw Movie costume.

The gloves included are white cotton and complete the Saw puppet costume.

Saw fancy dress is a popular option for Halloween parties and events. Saw fancy dress costumes are uniquie, crafted to a good quality and every Jigsaw costume looks like the character from the film.

A little about Saw:
The first Saw movie was filmed in just 18 days and boasted a budget of just over one million dollars US. The sequel was approved the weekend that SAW opened at the cinema.

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