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Skeletor Costume

Skeletor costume
Skeletor costume mask Skeletor costume belt
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Skeletor Fancy Dress Costume

The Skeletor costume includes jumpsuit with hood, belt, boot covers and mask.
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Skeletor fancy dress costume includes a one-piece jumpsuit with foam muscle padding in the torso, arms, shoulders and thighs. The Skeletor fancy dress jumpsuit is remake of the cartoon characters attire and is crafted in a similar blue-tone and even includes muscular chest-piece and epaulettes upon the shoulders.

The Skeletor fancy dress costume also includes skeletor's blue belt, which ties at the back of the costume and blue shoe covers which look just like Skeletors boots but allow you to wear your own shoes beneath. They are held in place with an elastic strap, which runs under your shoe. This is a fantastically simple way to alter your footwear without too much effort, we love it, it's a great idea.

The finishing touch for this quality Masters of the Universe fancy dress costume is the Skeletor mask and hood. The face mask adds to the Skeletor costume and really makes it come alive. We find that the colours of the hand painted detailing are just fantastic, the attention to detail is quite impressive and are a wonderful attribute. There are generous eye holes so your vision will not be impeded while fighting He-Man. A small gap in the mask by the mouth means your voice will not be stifled and you can drink through a straw if you wish to not break character.

Why not pair our the costume with that of He-Man and head out with a friend and battle in pubs and bars? Just remember to share a photo with us.

A little about Skeletor:
Skeletor was the primary villain in the 1987 live-action film Masters of the Universe starring Dolph Lungren. Skeletor was portrayed by Frank Langella. According to IMDB, Episodes of the cartoon in which Skeletor appeared were never broadcast in France. The image of his skull-face was considered too terrifying for television.

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