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Star Trek Scotty Costume

star trek scotty costume

Star Trek Scotty Fancy Dress Costume

The Star Trek Scotty Costume includes shirt with embroidered emblem.
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This Star Trek uniform as featured in the J.J. Abrams 2009 motion picture Star Trek is worn by actor Simon Pegg and compromises of Star Trek red shirt polyester in material with a contrasting black neckline.

Our Star Trek movie uniform also boasts an embroidered Starfleet emblem on the left side of the chest.

The 2009 range of Star Trek shirts are probably the coolest line of fancy dress released so far. Previous shirts haven't really been replicas of the Starfleet uniform unlike these. The Scott Star Trek shirt even has the Starfleet logo pattern which you can see on both of the close-up images.

Star Trek uniform colour red marks the position of a chief engineer for the Scotty character.

This appealing yet simple Star Trek costume is available in four sizes.

A little about Star Trek:
Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott has been portrayed by actors Simon Pegg, Charles Root, Jack Marshall and James Doohan. Scotty was born in Scotland in the year 2222. On the USS Enterprise Scott is the chief engineer.

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