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Austin Powers Fancy Dress Costumes

austin powers costumes

The Austin Powers fancy dress theme is a popular one for couples and groups alike.

Some people still believe that visiting dusty old costume shops is the right thing to do. Austin Powers costume hire is so last century! Today you can buy Austin Powers fancy dress outfits more often than not the same price or even cheaper than renting them.

The secret agent super spy Austin Powers costume along with his arch nemesis and brother, the super villain Austin Powers Dr Evil costume make up two of the most popular lines available in this theme. Dr Evil also makes a good Austin Powers Halloween costume.

Looking for something different in the vein of a limited edition outfit? The very cool Austin Powers Goldmember Costume is a retro Austin Powers fancy dress outfit, with unique design and is more than suitable for disco action.

For the ladies who want to wear sexy costumes, the attractive Austin Powers Fembot costume can always double as sexy lingerie. Deadly killing androids, the Fembots are henchwomen of the evil Doctor.

Looking to show off a little skin? The Austin Powers Foxxy Cleopatra costume is perfect for the Austin Powers theme where the dancing disco lady is concerned. A fine mix of both disco and Austin, this costume is quality throughout. Similarly, we have the Austin Powers Felicity Shagwell costume from the first Austin Powers film. Some women love to show off their legs, this costume is perfect for that.

If you looking for attention whilst out and about it's the Austin Powers Fat Bastard costume you want. This inflatable costume is inflated with a small fan and will garner attention wherever you go. A funny costume idea indeed, you probably won't see too many of these around. Perfect if you want to be unique at a party.

Austin Powers Costumes

  • Adult Austin Powers Costume
  • Adult Austin Powers Goldmember Costume
  • Adult Dr Evil Costume
  • Adult Fat Bastard Costume
  • Adult Fembot Costume
  • Adult Felicity Shagwell Costume
  • Adult Foxxy Cleopatra Costume
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