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Cartoon Character Fancy Dress Costumes

Cartoon Character costumes

If you find yourself looking for cartoon character costumes then peruse our selection below with expanded product descriptions and quality product images, it shouldn't be too difficult to make a choice. We have a decent collection of cartoon characters costumes, enough to have an entire party theme.

Cartoon character costume ideas include the Desperate Dan Costume. Each of our Desperate Dan costumes come with that really cool oversized face mask which make the Dandy cartoon strip really come to life.

Another cartoon character costume which is very, very popular is the Danger Mouse Costume. Danger Mouse costumes are high quality and are a fitting tribute to the White Wonder. Penfold costumes are also available if you wish to go out dressed as the duo.

The Postman Pat Costume may solve your cartoon characters fancy dress quandary, if you are looking for a TV theme costume also, our Postman Pat costumes will look great at that party of event.

Still stuck for cartoon character fancy dress ideas? With the Adult Count Duckula Costume you can be part vampire and part cartoon character. The Count Duckula costumes also work well as an alternative Halloween costume.

If you need something with an American theme or perhaps an animal or just a costume that begins with W, the Woody Woodpecker Costume makes a good choice. A popular character, Woody Woodpecker costumes enable you to have your face free so you can do whatever you want without a mask getting in the way.

Do you remember Where's Wally? Everyone remembers Where's Wally, the star of a series or books and also his own cartoon series, well, now you can own one of our Wheres Wally costumes and let your friends try and find you in a busy club. The Wheres Wally Costume is a new line that might very popular.

If you need a cartoon superhero costume then one of our Batfink costumes should be perfect. The Batfink Costume looks just like the cartoon character and will make a nice alternative to the tired old Batman costume.

Cartoon Character Costumes

  • Adult Desperate Dan Costume
  • Adult Danger Mouse Costume
  • Adult Postman Pat Costume
  • Adult Count Duckula Costume
  • Adult Woody Woodpecker Costume
  • Adult Wheres Wally Costume
  • Adult Batfink Costume
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