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He-Man Fancy Dress Costumes

He-Man costumes

If you were born in the eighties you'll probably remember He-Man and the Master of the Universe. It was a massively popular cartoon series and toy range. Later it even had its own feature film. For many these costumes will make an eighties party theme a living dream as you can now dress in He-Man and Masters of the Universe costumes. If you care searching for He Man and She Ra fancy dress look no further. Here we have both.

The He-Man Costume is almost an exact replica of the costume from the TV series. Featuring its muscle padding, the costume will make whoever wears it feel like a real superhero.

For every He-Man there needs to be a Skeletor. The Skeletor Costume will need to be worn by a He-Man purist because hardcore fans will know that the real star of the show was Skeletor, he just looked and sounded way cooler.

She Ra, the twin sister of He-Man was the female heroine from the children's television show of the same name. The She Ra costume is perfect for an 80s theme or superhero theme fancy dress party or night out.

He-Man Costumes

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