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Lord of The Rings Fancy Dress Costumes

lord of the rings costumes

The Lord of The Rings fancy dress theme is a popular one for couples, families and for individuals to wear at conventions or to the pub.

Queen of the Reunited Kingdom, Arwen is a key character in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. We have three of the Lord of the Rings fancy dress costume ranging from the original Arwen Costume which is surprisingly very cheap for its price point and quality of design. The Deluxe Arwen Costume with the combination of vibrant colours and quality design make it a popular ladies Lord of the Rings costume choice. The most popular and potentially the closest replica costume however, is the Queen Arwen Costume. A deluxe gown that will flatter any body type. It's regal, elegant and quite honestly breath-taking.

Feel like adding to your costume or simply becoming an elf with an elven cloak? The Green Elven Costume is a simple cape that will do the job. The Grey Elven Costume is the same garment but available in grey. Do check them out.

Two costume lines for the wise Wizard Gandalf include the original Gandalf Costume and the contrasting replica Gandalf The White Costume. Choose your wise man wisely.

If your planning to go to a party or event with a girlfriend or wife you can always pair an Aragorn Costume with an Arwen to make a couples costume. If you want to go all out, the pairing of Queen Arwen with the King Aragorn Costume will really make you stand out in the crowd. Lord of the Ring fancy dress will show you are together.

Lord of the Rings has had a massive following since the books were first released. Your remaining favourite characters costumes are also available including the elf friendly Gimli Costume, the Twilight dwelling Ringwraith Costume and the elven Legolas Costume.

The Lord of The Rings Costumes

  • Adult Aragorn Costume
  • Adult Arwen Costume
  • Adult Deluxe Arwen Costume
  • Adult Gandalf Costume
  • Adult Gandalf The White Costume
  • Adult Gimli Costume
  • Adult Green Elven Costume
  • Adult Grey Elven Costume
  • Adult King Aragorn Costume
  • Adult Legolas Costume
  • Adult Queen Arwen Costume
  • Adult Ringwraith Costume
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