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Music Fancy Dress

Music Fancy Dress

There will always be musicians that will have a distinctive appearance; one that can be easily parodied and replicated will usually be best remembered even if their music is not as good as their image. Call it cleaver marketing. The good thing about this is that it will allow us to dress as our favourite musicians. Use this hub as a collection of music fancy dress costumes that will allow you to portray the popstar of your choice.

If you don't want to go to rehab our Amy Winehouse costume may make a good choice for your party appearance. A modern pop star, you'll be the belle of the ball in this.

The instantly recognisable Boy George costume would be perfect for an eighties fancy dress party or a musical themed night out. The Boy George outfit is unisex and could be worn by either a man or woman.

If you are a fan of either the Spice Girls of nineties pop music you'd love the Ginger Spice costume. It is an exact replica of the dress as worn by Geri Halliwell at the 1997 Brit awards.

If you are a fan of David Bowie you'll love our Ziggy Stardust Costume. It is a replica of the costume and looks fantastic.

Perhaps you remember these clowns from X-Factor, Jedward are a pop duo that would make a unique choice of fancy dress on a night out. The Jedward Costume will make you look and feel like the happy little chappies.

70s pop stars is a popular fancy dress theme to emulate simply because there are so many famous and unique characters to choose from. One of the finest British singers to have success during that era was Rod Stewart. Rod Stewart costume choices are famed for their flare and style.

One of the biggest pop stars ever is of course Madonna, and we would be crazy not to have Madonna costumes. Now you can take a look at the new Madonna Costume. It is a replica of a costume as worn by Madonna and will make you look just like the pop princess.

If you find yourself looking for some cool 70s costumes check this out. We've found a replica Bay City Rollers costume that looks as good as the real thing. Our Bay City Rollers costumes are perfect for nights out on the town.

We've managed to source a Kylie Minogue Costume that will make you spin round and go out of your head. With music fancy dress costumes being big at the moment we though we would present you with something to fill the Aussie gap.

Music Fancy Dress Costumes

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