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Red Dwarf Fancy Dress Costumes

Red Dwarf fancy dress costumes

The official licensed range of Red Dwarf fancy dress costumes is finally available. After a long wait, one of Britain's finest comedies has finally received the fancy dress treatment, and about time too.

The entire Red Dwarf fancy dress collection is endorsed by the creators and each costume is a replica modelled on that Red Dwarf characters clothing from the BBC television series.

The awesome Red Dwarf Lister costume is an almost exact replica of the costume as worn by Craig Charles in the show. Not to mention the incredible likeness of the model chosen by the licensee, the costume will make you look just like the Red Dwarf hero.

In what is perhaps our favourite of all the Red Dwarf merchandise available, our Red Dwarf Rimmer costume is an almost spot-on recreation of Chris Barrie's character's Red Dwarf uniform. You'll need to adopt a goofy pose and recite Space Corps Directives at every opportunity.

To become the coolest member of the Red Dwarf crew you'll need our Red Dwarf Cat costume. This is a fantastic selection for one of our Red Dwarf costumes, it really embodies the outgoing fashion sense as exuded by the Danny-John Jules character.

Red Dwarf Costumes

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