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Smurf Fancy Dress Costumes

Smurf costumes

The Smurfs have been about for ages. Originally as a comic book strip by created by Belgian Peyo, that cartoon series was later made by the folks that did the Flintstones cartoon.

There are a range of Smurf fancy dress outfits for both men and women available, so, there is really no need for Smurf costume hire because for a similar price or even less you can own your own Smurf costumes.

The original Smurf Costume which was used in the record breaking Swansea effort back in 2009 is a bargain for its price point and would work well with any of the other costumes as part of a Smurf theme party.

If you are looking for a girl Smurf fancy dress outfit then take a look at the Smurfette Costume. A replica of the costume as seen in the eighties cartoons series; the Smurfette fancy dress won't be complete without your face paint!

Everyone recognises the Papa Smurf Costume. Leader of the Smurfs, this costume is ever so simple yet very effective; perhaps this is a prime candidate for a stag night costume.

Smurfs fancy dress doesn't stop there; if you are looking for a costume that is slightly different why not take a look at our Hefty Smurf Costume. Big and muscular, this is the coolest of the Smurf outfits.

Finally in our Smurfs costume shop section we have the Greedy Smurf Costume, a glutinous Smurf which loves to eat. The costume even comes with a stuffed belly so you don't have to.

Smurf Costumes

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