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Teletubbies Fancy Dress Costumes

Teletubbies costumes

Do you have a party or event to go to and have three friends? A great group costume idea is the Teletubbies. Simple outfits to wear, your face will be unimpeded so you will be able to eat and drink no problem. Plus, in your Teletubbies costumes everyone will know who you are. Enjoy some Tubby Tustard and be a Teletubbie. Teletubbies fancy dress costumes come in four colours, one for each character; Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po.

The Tinky Winky costume is the purple one in the Teletubbies. Easily recognisible as this Teletubby has a triangular shape above the head.

The Dipsy costume is discernable by its green colour and straight antennae above the head.

The Laa Laa Costume can be remembered by the yellow colour and crooked antennae above the head.

Finally there is the Po Costume which comes in a red colour and boasts circular antennae over the head.

Teletubbies Costumes

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