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Television Character Fancy Dress Costumes

Television Character costumes

Television character fancy dress costumes can be a troublesome party theme, chances are that you won't want to go to the party only to have someone else there dressed in the same costume as you. Use this page for some alternate costume ideas that you might not find anywhere else. We're bored of the same old only Fools and Horses Batman and Robin costumes, just look below and find some better, more original ideas.

Of course we don't condone terrorism, but then who would? Well, this chap presumably, you may wish to exercise discretion when wearing our Osama Bin Laden Costume, some people may find it offensive, but then, isn't that the idea?

Are you a fan of Shooting Stars? perhaps we can tempt you with a fabulous replica of one of George Dawes costumes similar to that as worn by the drumming time keeper. The George Dawes costume is simple, easy to wear, no annoying masks and things like that, plus it is an absolute bargain.

A fantastic television fancy dress costume character is the Rod Hull And Emu Costume. The Rod Hull & Emu costume combination is a bargain for its price point and would make a welcome addition to any TV themed event.

If you like the television show Harry Hill's TV burp chances are you'll like the mask behind the desk clad in his trademark Harry Hill Costume. Well, now you can look just like him too in one of our favourite television character fancy dress costumes.

Taken from the TV movie IT, the popular character finally has his own outfit to wear on Halloween. The IT The Clown Costume looks as good as it does on the screen.

Television Character Costumes

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