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TV Advert Fancy Dress

TV Advert Costumes

We know what you're thinking. You have no idea what to wear for your upcoming TV themed fancy dress party. Well, let us help you by suggesting some TV costumes that have been popular, less well known and down right secret gem TV Advert fancy dress costumes.

The thing with this category is, we have found a number of TV costume ideas that we just have to share and there's a tv costume for absolutely everyone. Our TV Advert costumes range from home grown to American to, well, everywhere quite frankly.

Known as being a bit of an animal, our Adult Peperami Costume is as well known as the voice that was provided to it by former Young One Ade Edmonson. The costume is unique and fun plus who doesn't love a Peperami?

The catchy theme tune to Sheilas' Wheels can get stuck in your head quite easily, that and the attire that the Sheilas' wore is what made the Sheilas Wheels costume such an icon part of the entire advertising campaign.

If you are old enough you may remember the Green Cross Man you'll recall that he was the superhero for maintaining safety on Britain's roads. The Green Cross Man costume is a superhero with a difference, he really saved lives!

You could describe him as a real life Willy Wonka of sorts. Our Bertie Bassett costume is a replica fancy dress costume of the mascot which sits upon the box of Basset's Allsorts.

TV Advert Costumes

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