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Anchorman Movie Review and Trailer

They bring you the news so you don't have to get it yourself

Anchorman As San Diego's finest news reader, Ron Burgungy is on top of the news world with his adoring and loyal viewers, the all time high ratings and his fine team of channel 4 news reporters and friends by his side. The best local news anchor in the area, Ron has it all.

Ron, Played by (Will Ferrell from SNL and more recently Step Brothers) lives with his beloved dog Baxter and likes nothing more than the taste of scotch and to impress those around him with his flair for jazz flute.

When young upstart reporter Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate, Married With Children) joins the channel 4 news team we find Ron, Brian (Paul Rudd), Champ (David Koechner) and Brick are all soon trying pick up the beautiful young aspiring news anchor.

Set in the 70's, the story revolves around the four man news team and the changing world around them as their worst fears are finally realised and woman is introduced to their all male on-air news crew.

Anchorman the movie is genuinely one of the cleverest comedies of recent times and features a plethora of one liner that you'll be reciting the next day at work.

In what seems to be Steve Carell's breakout role, (some may argue that he really hit the big time with Bruce Almighty) he plays the part of an idiot particularly well and his scenes are a definite high points throughout the film.

Anchorman The Legend of Ron Burgundy could quite easily become a franchise as it has a massive following, just look on Facebook to confirm that, question is would Ferrell ever willingfully do an Anchorman 2?


Will FerrellRon Burgundy
Christina ApplegateVeronica Corningstone
Steve CarellBrick Tamland
David KoechnerChamp Kind
Paul RuddBrian Fantana
Fred WillardEd Harken
Luke WilsonFrank Vitchard
Vince VaughnWes Mantooth
DirectorAdam McKay
ProducerJudd Apatow

Movie Trivia: During filming the cast filmed so much additional material that an entire second film Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie was edited together to create in essence, a second installment of the story and is included as an extra on the Anchorman: Special Edition DVD.


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