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Carlito's Way Movie Review and Trailer

Carlito's WayCarlito's Way features Academy Award winner Al Pacino as an ex-drug lord who leaves prison with the help from his attorney and friend Kleinfeld and proceeds to fight to escape from his violent past in crime and make an attempt at life in the real word.

Taking a job managing a low-rent nightclub, Carlito plans to make a legit seventy five grand and head into retirement in the sun. Tracking down his onetime girlfriend who now works as a stripper, Gail, played by Penelope Ann Miller welcomes Carlito back, eventually. Carlito or Charlie as she affectionately calls him declares his intentions of a crime-less life and gives a go at saving for his exit from New York City forever while juggling his business and his troubled friendship with his misguided shyster lawyer.

Despite good intentions, Carlito's loyalties and an outmoded code of honour offer twists and misfortune thanks to some original and unique storytelling.

Throughout the movie carlitos way offers stunning cinematography displaying Carlito's dream of moving to paradise, of which a glimpse can be seen in the Carlitos Way trailer below. The Carlitos Way DVD can be bought at a bargain price and offers the wonderful Carlitos Way soundtrack in a suitable Carlito Way.

Directed by Brian DePalma, Carlitos Way adopts wonderful camera angles and is shot at times so uniquely. Sean Penn also stars as Pacino's attorney and delivers a show-stealing performance. Reuniting the star and director of Scarface, the collaboration of Al Pacino and Brian De Palma make Carlito's Way the movie a powerful and passionate motion picture.


Al PacinoCarlito Brigante
Sean PennDavid Kleinfeld
Penelope Ann MillerGail
John LeguizamoBenny Blanco
Ingrid RogersSteffie
Luis GuzmanPachanga
Viggo MortensenLalin
DirectorBrian De Palma
ProducerMartin Bregman

Movie Trivia: Al Pacino had difficulty exchanging dialogue during his various Carlitos Way film scenes with Jorge Porcel who played Saso, the nightclub owner. The actor, who was known from being a Spanish television comedian, spoke no English and had to learn his lines phonetically.


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