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Fletch Movie Review and Trailer

Meet the only guy who changes his identity more often than his underwear.

Fletch Based on the novel by Gregory McDonald, Fletch is the story of Irwin Fletcher, (Chevy Chase) an investigative reporter with a remarkable ability for reporting, character impersonation and shooting hoops.

LA Lakers fan Fletch meets Alan Stanwyk (Tim Matheson, The West Wing and Animal House) at the beach whilst on assignment. Alan mistakes Fletch as a drifter after noticing him multiple times in the area and offers him a thousand dollars just to come to his house and listen to a proposition.

At Mr Stanwyk's home he asks that Fletch murder him on a set date using a gun from the rich businessman's own collection as he has a future suffering from a painful and crippling bone cancer. Stanwyk wishes for his family to benefit from the life insurance which isn't covered by suicide.

He offers fifty grand and a guarantee that he won't be caught plus a flight to Rio, all Fletch needs to do is drive Alan's Jag to LAX Airport after he has blown his head off and there will be a ticket waiting for him. "Sure" Fletch replies not letting on that he is a reporter rather than a drifter.

Adopting various guises, Fletch abandons his story on the narcotic dealings at the beach much to the dismay of his Editor Frank and goes undercover looking into Alan Stanwyk's life and discovers that something doesn't seem quite right.

Fletch is an amusing 80s comedy thriller that is vastly superior to the 1989 sequel. Charming and witty, Chevy is perfectly cast as the alimony dodging, wise cracking reporter. The film is superbly paced and is very enjoyable to watch. This makes a lazy Sunday evening in even better.


Chevy ChaseFletch
Tim MathesonAlan Stanwyk
Dana Wheeler-NicholsonGail Stanwyk
Joe Don BakerChief Jerry Karlin
Richard LibertiniFrank Walker
George WendtFat Sam
Geena DavisLarry
Kenneth MarsStanton Boyd
DirectorMichael Ritchie
ProducerPeter Douglas

Movie Trivia: The Fletch soundtrack features Harold Faltermeyer, Stephanie Mills and Kim Wilde.


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