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Get Smart Movie Review and Trailer

Saving The World. And Loving It.

Get SmartGet Smart is the big budget remake of the 1960s TV show of the same name starring Steve Carell in the lead role as Maxwell Smart.

Agent 86, Maxwell is desperate to become a field agent but can't seem to convince the chief to allow him to go under cover as a secret agent. When the crime organisation Kaos attack the CONTROL headquarters and retrieve data about all working agents the chief has no choice but to send Maxwell out into the field along with the beautiful agent 99 to look after him.

Former pro wrestler The Rock, now billed as his real name Dwayne Johnson co-stars as the super cool agent 23 and offers his decent acting skills to the part. The actor-wrestling connection continues with Indian performer '’The Great Khali'’ who plays a Jaws type role in the film.

Get Smart is an exciting action comedy and Steve Carell delivers incompetence really well. However, this film could quite easily be a comedy spy flick or James Bond spoof, it seems quite a tenuous stretch to be anything to do with Get Smart apart from character names.

The Get Smart theme is remixed and played constantly to the point of annoyance. Other than that, Get Smart is enjoyable to watch and is more often than not amusing. A Bill Murray cameo as an agent deep under cover is a pleasant surprise at the start.


Steve CarellMaxwell Smart
Anne HathawayAgent 99
Dwayne JohnsonAgent 23
Terence StampSiegfried
Alan ArkinChief
David KoechnerLarabee
Terry CrewsAgent 91
James CaanThe President
DirectorPeter Segal
ProducerAlex Gartner

Movie Trivia: Both Steve Carell and B.J. Novak offered input on the movies script and are uncredited for doing so. Both actors have also featured in the American version of the British sitcom The Office.


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