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Hitman Hart Wrestling With Shadows Movie Review and Trailer

The story of a man who believes in heroes, in a world where the anti-hero is king.

Hitman Hart Wrestling With Shadows Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows is a superb documentary taking an inside look at the final year of professional wrestler Bret 'Hitman' Hart's career with the American wrestling promotion The World Wrestling Federation, (now World Wrestling Entertainment) this documentary movie not only shows an insight into wrestling's biggest star at the time but also the wrestling business itself and the most controversial non scripted legit incident to happen in modern wrestling history, coined simply as 'the Montreal screw job'

The piece is a well told biography of Bret and the famous Hart family delving into the life of a pro wrestling superstar and the day to day goings on of a wrestling world champion showing the politics which make the business such a unique career choice. We're even treated to a look at the infamous Hart dungeon with Bret's father Stu stretching out a young wrestler who is obviously in legitimate agony as the aging grappler applies shoot wrestling holds.

Famous professional wrestlers Mick Foley, Triple H, Goldust, Steve Austin, The Undertaker and perhaps most importantly of all Shawn Michaels all feature out of character in this excellently presented production.

Filmed at the peak of the Monday night ratings war, the Wrestling With Shadows DVD features an interview with filmmaker Paul Jay and Bret Hart 18 months after the culmination of the Montreal incident. Probably most startling is Bret's physical appearance, who seems to of aged quickly during his first year at the chaos riddled WCW wrestling organisation and is looks very worn down.

The filmmakers create great empathy for Bret Hart who seems easily likable as a man whose real life and on screen character seen all too similar.

The Bret Hart Wrestling With Shadows documentary is essential viewing for all pro wrestling fans or even those who just want to know more about the world of wrestling.


Bret HartHimself
Owen HartHimself
Stu HartHimself
Helen HartHerself
Vince McMahonHimself
Shawn MichaelsHimself
Julie HartHerself
Blade HartHimself
DirectorPaul Jay
ProducerPaul Jay

Movie Trivia: During the film's extras Bret Hart mentions that filming had actually concluded prior to the Montreal Screwjob and Bret had suggested to Paul Jay that he may wish to bring the crew to document his final match with the WWF, the footage turned out to be the most dramatic of the entire shoot.


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