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Juno Movie Review and Trailer

A comedy about growing up... and the bumps along the way

Juno The 2007 Jason Reitman directed film, Juno, features a mildly annoying animated opening sequence and presents its lead actors Ellen Page and Michael Cera who offer fine performances. Juno is the tale of nine months in the life of Juno MacGuff, a high school teenager who falls pregnant.

The film opens with Juno showing distain for a chair, we soon discover it is the chair she did this guy Bleeker from school on.

Bleeker is played by Superbad's Michael Cera who is a successful track runner with a liking for Orange tic-tacs. Cera's running technique seems to have improved since running from the cops like a fairy in Superbad.

Juno thinks she's pregnant and is busy buying a pregnancy test for the third time; the shop keeper is the always slightly creepy Rain Wilson (Six Feet Under, The Office) and offers a fine cameo. The test is positive, again showing a little plus sign, Juno calls a buddy and shares the news, she can't believe it either. Cut to the two young women discarding the chair.

On the way to the 'women now' centre to have an abortion she meets a school buddy who is protesting the act and shares that the unborn babies have fingernails. In the waiting room Juno totally freaks out and decides to keep the child and give it up for adoption to a deserving couple she later finds in the 'Penny Saver' next to the bird section.

The film adopts clever camera angles at times and really draws you in to the picture; there is a fitting soundtrack boasting mostly acoustic guitar and the cast is on the whole well chosen. Ellen Page resembles a young Janeane Garofalo and seems likeable in the lead role.

The credits boast potentially the worst song ever featured in a motion pictured and owners of the soundtrack who play, listen to and enjoy it should be forced to attend Bruce Springsteen concerts to her real music.


Ellen PageJuno MacGuff
Michael CeraPaulie Bleeker
Jennifer GarnerVanessa Loring
Jason BatemanMark Loring
Allison JanneyBrenda MacGuff
J.K. SimmonsMac MacGuff
Olivia ThirlbyLeah
Rainn WilsonRollo
DirectorJason Reitman
ProducerJohn Malkovich

Movie Trivia: Bleekers track shirt reads 'Dancing Elk Condors'. The budget for the film was around only 6 million US yet the movie has grossed well over 200 million US since the film was released in 2007.


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