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Miss March Movie Review and Trailer

Miss MarchAfter discovering Playboy, a young Tucker Cleigh's life changes forever. The first sight of a naked woman in his buddy Eugene's brothers secret box and he no longer wants to play baseball just look at chicks in the play ground.

Fast forward a few years and Eugene (played by Zach Cregger of The Whitest Kids U Know fame) is abstinent with his smoking hot girlfriend Cindi. Cindi (Raquel Alessi, best known from TV show Standoff) totally wants' to do Eugene although he is unsure since his brother Craig has syphilis and a retarded baby. He finally agrees to from the branch outside her window at the prom after party.

The prom comes and goes and before Eugene can get up stairs to finally bang his beautiful girlfriend he has three shots at the request of best friend Tucker(Trevor Moore, The Whitest Kids U Know). Eugene, feeling the liquid courage then opens the wrong door and falls down a flight of stairs all the way to the basement knocking him unconscious. He falls into a coma for four years and only awakens after Tucker cracks him in the head with a baseball bat. The two buddies catch up and Eugene discovers not only has his Dad moved out of the family home but Cindi has moved away and hasn't been seen for years.

While at his mall photography job Tucker receives the brand new copy of Playboy. Flicking through he discovers Cindi on the centre pages and immediately goes to Hospital to tell Eugene. The annual playboy party is this Saturday and they plan to get to the Playboy mansion one way or another to see her.

The movie itself is has some decent acting from a largely unknown cast. Trevor Moore who plays Tucker Cleigh stands out in a somewhat Jeff Spicoli role. Speaking of Trevor Moore he looks and sounds remarkably like pro wrestler Edge.

"Uh oh dude, here come the fireman"

The limo scene is hilarious as Eugene and Cindi get a ride to the prom with Tucker's rapper buddy Horsedick.mpeg.

A somewhat wooden Hugh Hefner makes a cameo in what seems a heavily promoted commercial for Playboy and features a predictable, lame lesson learned ending.

The film is a good time killer and provides some genuinely good comedy moments and laughs before the flat final quarter.


Zach CreggerEugene Bell
Trevor MooreTucker Cleigh
Raquel AlessiCindi Whitehall
Craig RobinsonHorsedick dot MPEG
Geoff MeedFireman Rick
Molly StantonCandace
Hugh HefnerHimself
DirectorZach Cregger, Trevor Moore
ProducerTom Jacobson

Movie Trivia: To support the release of the film Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore who are part of New York based comedy troupe The Whitest Kids U Know toured the US to promote the movie visitng Washington, Arizona and Philadelphia.


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