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Paul Blart Mall Cop Movie Review and Trailer

Safety never takes a holiday.

Paul Blart Mall Cop Trained at New Jersey police training camp, Paul (Kevin James of King of Queens and Hitch fame) is one of the most dedicated Mall cops at West Orange Pavilion mall. A sufferer of hyper glycaemia Paul can't consume too much or too little sugar or he'll turn loopy. A mall cop veteran, Paul is all about his security responsibilities and as a result is a single parent and has been for a long time. After some nudging, he reluctantly agrees to let his daughter and his mother sign him up to the dating website.

One day whilst perusing the mall he spots a new hot chick at a wig stand and once he gets back to security HQ he begins studying her on the CCTV. Sometime later he finally stops by to talk to her. Her name is Amy and she works for Unbeweaveable. Guess who feels to purchase an ill-fitting wig.

With the setting defined and the love interest in place Paul embarks upon a game of Rock Band at the mall arcade on his own after a buddy kindly asks him to close for him. During the hard core guitar shredding a bunch of criminals have taken over the mall and held those in the bank at the time as hostages. It's up to the moustached man on the inside to save the mall using tools from the plethora of shops.

"The mind is a weapon that doesn't need a holster"

Written and produced by Kevin James, the film documents the lead-up to Black Friday, which is supposed to be the busiest shopping day of the year at both the West Orange Pavilion mall and in the US.

An action Die Hard comedy of sorts, Kevin James is a fantastic comedy actor and brings much of his King of Queens character to the movie; he also looks hilarious with a tash.

Although the laughs seem to dry-up during the final third and it degenerates into more of a kid's film, it is still a quality movie with numerous comedy gems. In one scene, which obviously can't do the picture justice in writing, finds Paul being beaten by a fat chick with 'tremendous upper body strength' in a Victoria's Secret for comparing his body type to hers.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop is a must for King of Queens and Kevin James fans. For everyone else take a look at the trailer first to forge your own opinion.


Kevin JamesPaul Blart
Keir O'DonnellVeck Sims
Jayma MaysAmy
Raini RodriguezMaya Blart
Shirley KnightMrs. Blart
Peter GeretyChief Brooks
Stephen RannazzisiStuart
DirectorSteve Carr
ProducerKevin James

Movie Trivia: During filming of the movie, Kevin James's wife and kids would shop in the the Burlington Mall in Massachusetts, the filming location, while he would finish filming his scenes.


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